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A national Telethon Supporting Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Traumatic Brain Injury.  Connie Francis, Alan Alda and Joe Mantegna are hosting the telethon which will be broadcast Sunday night, November 10 on the Military Channel and Monday night, November 11 on the world-wide Armed Forces TV.


“I wrote the song to honor the unseen heroes who fight for our freedom around the world, letting them know they are not alone,” Javitch explains.  “Their courage and dedication in eliminating threats to our country is captured in the spirit of the song.”  Cory Sanchez sings ‘His Name Was Freedom’ with the Chuck Penington Band.  Chuck is the conductor of the Grammy-award winning group, Mannheim Steamroller.


His Name Was Freedom” will be sent to every contributor and Karen’s CD with the same title will be given to audience members, hosts and guests.


She has raised over $300,000 for national and local charities though her original music.  Her musicals, including one about the late Princess Diana, have been performed all over the country.   ‘Princess Diana the Musical’ is currently playing in St. Paul, Minnesota. 


She has produced 13 CD’s and her singers have included Broadway actress Joanna Young, the prominent film and tv actor John Beasley, Weston Olson from the touring ‘Les Miserables’ cast as well as The Maynard Triplets from American Idol .  She has won the Theater Arts Guild award two times and recently she received honorable mention in the ‘Song of the Year’ contest for her song, “It’s a Steve Jobs’ World!” Some of  her youtube videos have gone viral (one has more than 5 million hits) and her songs are performed by young people in high schools and colleges around the country.