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The decade that just ended was one Princess Diana would have treasured. Both of her sons – Prince William and Prince Harry, married lovely women: Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, respectively. Diana now has 4 grandchildren whom she would have loved and adored, but that was not meant to be. Tragically, she died in a car crash more than 20 years ago. Princess Diana’s legacy continues as musicals about her life are flourishing in 2020 and beyond.

Singer/songwriter Karen Sokolof Javitch’s newly revised Princess Diana the Musical is being re-released by Heuer Publishing in early late January, 2020. Featuring over 25 of her original songs, one of the most touching is, ‘Hope in My Heart’.



“It’s a beautiful song that Princess Diana sings while visiting a hospital. Even with all of her problems, ‘hope’ is what she carried with her and ‘hope’ is what she gave to all of us. In this new decade, there is still so much trouble in the world and divisiveness in our country. We could use a little ‘hope in our hearts’ right now,” Ms. Javitch reveals.

Link here to the song, “Hope in My Heart,” sung by Sasha Weiss:

Link to the video of ‘Hope in My Heart’:

Princess Diana the Musical has been performed in many community theaters in the United States.


“Our production entertains audiences about the public and private life of this iconic woman and most beloved princess,” explains songwriter Karen Sokolof Javitch. “Even after many successful runs, I recently revised the script and songs and I’m thrilled to re-release it to America’s theaters through Heuer Publishing Company,” explains Ms. Javitch.

Javitch wrote the music and lyrics and co-authored the book with Elaine Jabenis in 2000. The inspiring story journeys in song with the “People’s Princess” through her trials and tribulations of being an unknown 17 year old to becoming the most famous woman in the world. With Karen’s original songs, Princess Diana the Musical captures the grace, charm, compassion and style that was Diana.


Karen Javitch on WCIU-TV Chicago

About Karen Sokolof Javitch:
Karen has written and produced 15 albums of her music, and she has co-written 4 musicals. She was the creator and co-host of a popular Omaha radio show, “It’s the Beat.” Besides her musical about Princess Diana, her others are From Generation to Generation and Love! at the Café. (also published at Heuer).

These shows have been performed in many cities in the United States. Ms. Javitch has raised over $350,000 for national and local charities with her original music and musicals.

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