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“My newest Cd was created to place  a great smile for babies, parents and grandparents” Karen explained.” I will also sing and record a personal song with the babies first name within 30 days of proof of purchase.”


“Great job…very accurate…and passionate” Dr. Karp commented when he heard how Karen created a musical version of his popular method of calming babies.


Smiling Baby Songs features 16 additional new songs all destined to become favorites in the young baby market.


 I listened to every song on Karen’s album and was so impressed.  Every new parent and grandparent need to have this album. The songs area real treasure-not only are they fun, but thet are educational and you will want to sing and dance along with them” Elaine Jabenis, author and actress exclaimed.


“The CD is a very powerful gift at baby showers or upon meeting the baby for the first time” Karen added.


Smiling Baby Songs may be purchased at Fill in)


Dr Harvey Karp is the author of      “Happiest Babay on the Block and creator of  He was featured on Parents Magazine, Today Show, CNN, The Wall Street Journal when they profiled his “ Snoo Baby Sleeper.”


Karen has released 13 CD’s, written 4 musicals and was the creator was co-host of a popular Omaha radio show, “It’s the Beat.” She has raised over $350,000 for national and local charities though her original music.  Her musicals, including “Princess Diana the Musical, From Generation to Generation, Love at the Café”  , have been performed in Kansas City, South Florida Los Angeles, Lincoln, Chicago, New York City, St. Paul, St. Louis and 11 other venues around the country. She has won the TAG (Theater Arts Guild) Award two times and recently she received honorable mention in the ‘Song of the Year’ contest for her song, “It’s a Steve Jobs’ World!”  Karen’s music includes songs about exercising, good health, celebrities, holidays, political figures, children, math, patriotism, love and family. Her music has been in 3 movies and TV shows. Her songs are for anyone between the ages of 5 to 105!