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“I am thrilled that “Shake It for NObesity” has been recognized. The song is intended to influence healthy eating habits, promote exercise and be fun at the same time.   Two very talented teenaged siblings – Grace and Jack Bydalek, recorded “Shake it for NObesity” for me,” Javitch explained. “Their amazing voices and rap delivery resonates with other teenage listeners.”  


“When we first heard ‘Shake it for NObesity’ my brother and I knew this song could help young people in a fun way,” added 16 year-old Grace, who has performed with symphonies, operas and high school musicals.  “My brother Jack and I were rockin’ out to it!  It’s a very uplifting song and I hope young people across the country get to hear it – and soon!” Grace added.


“We hope to shake it up and have the word ‘NObesity’ become a common word in everyone’s vocabulary!”  Karen adds.   Go to youtube and watch the performance, which helped to raise money last year at a pancreatic cancer benefit in Omaha.  (”


Chuck Penington, music conductor for the Grammy-award winning group, Mannheim Steamroller, arranged the music which was recorded at Ware House Studio, 2012 Grammy nominee!


“With all of the work that so many others are doing to promote health and fitness, I hope ‘NObesity’ becomes the song that helps to shed pounds in millions of people.  This is my second song dedicated to fitness and follows my other one:  “I Love to Sweat!” concluded Javitch.


Karen Sokolof Javitch has raised over $300,000 for national and local charities though her original music and musicals.  Her shows, including one about the late Princess Diana, have been performed in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, St. Louis as well as Omaha and have featured such prominent actors as John Beasley and Broadway singer Joanna Young.  She has also sung and recorded with American Idol alum – Tim Halperin and The Maynard Triplets.  Karen has won the TAG (Theater Arts Guild) award three times.  Her songs are also sung in elementary and high schools around the country. She has also released albums dedicated to Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze in an effort to heighten awareness and raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Research.