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Tom Thompson, Senior Director of Developemnt at UNO commented “ When Karen first approached us with the idea and offered to fully fund all the expenses, we are elated to become part of the project.  All the planning, details and finally the show took about three months to prepare.  We are gratefull to all those who were part of the process, the hundreds who attended and of course all who contributed their funds and time.


“We are not done”  added Javitch.  We are planning to take the taped version of the show and produce a national telethon and have already began discussions with an outside company who has agreed to become part of the process.  The show will include songs by Tim Halperin, season 10 American Idol Top 12 male finalist, as well as many of the singers and dancers who were part of the evening. It will feature the my newest song “Shake It for NObesity” and “It’s a Steve Jobs’ World


As a young singer/songwriter, Tim has taken the cancer cause to heart with a commitment beyond what is typical for a recent college graduate.  In 2011, he responded to the personal request of a breast cancer survivor to write his first song “We Fight Back” as a tribute to breast cancer survivors.  He performed it at Race for the Cure events around the country including the Global Race in Washington, DC and the St. Louis Race, the largest race in the United States. As the featured halftime entertainer for the Carolina Panthers/ New Orleans Saints breast cancer game and at the TCU vs. BYU game at Cowboys Stadium, Tim has inspired thousands with his lyrics of determination and hope.


 “Cross That Line,“Tim’s second song for Komen debuted at the Komen for the Cure International Affiliate Conference. Invitations to perform that song at Komen Race for the Cure events have already come from as far away as California and Puerto Rico. The song’s riveting melody and lyrics speak to the challenges of fighting cancer and a commitment to win the race. By being part of An Evening of Music to fight for those with pancreatic cancer, Tim demonstrates yet a new level of his dedication and determination to all who are in the cancer fight. 


Mrs. Javitch has also made it her life’s work to use music to celebrate causes in which she believes.  Throughout her career, she  has used her talents to raise  over $280,000 for charities.  She is supportive of Michelle Obama’s efforts to get our youth moving.  “Music is a huge influence on kids and teens. For that reason I wrote “Shake it For NObesity,” Javitch explained. “I want to inspire kids to eat healthy and to get up and move! We hope to get the audience ‘rockin’ to good health!”