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The movie stars Robert Davi, Edie McClurg, John Diehl, Jason In this inspiring story, based on the tale Burkey and features Sean Hannity and Michael Medved. The story is based on the tale of the Prodigal Son taken from Luke 15:11-32 but set in modern times. After demanding and receiving millions from his father as an early inheritance, Burkey’s character leaves the family farm and enters a life of fast women, fast cars and un- Featuring Omaha’s Andy Greenberg w savory friends and bad business deals. As his life crashes down he returns humbled and reconciles with his earthly and heavenly father.


“The timing of this movie is perfect as faith based movies are now the talk of Hollywood and the general American audience” added McGlothlin.


Uptone Pictures has produced (fill in) movies that are seen around the world. Karen Sokolof Javitch is an award winning Omaha Native with 13 CD’s, 3 musicals and 3 songs that appear in various movies. Her radio show “It’s the Beat” is heard every Saturday on The Might 1290. Andy Greenberg is featured daily on News Radio 1110 KFAB ‘s Good Morning Show” with a daily segment called “Getting UP with Andy Greenberg,” and has a nationally syndicated radio spot heard by millions daily called “Your Daily High with Andy Greenberg”. He has authored a book and May will have his own TV show titled “Your Omaha High.”

“Omaha is the perfect choice as it embodies the midwestern culture and family values” Mcglothin explained. “ It is also the home of Mom’s Night Out on May 9, A Long K Karen Sokolof Javitch who wrote and performed “The Coffee Shop” song for the movie and Andy Greenberg whose motivational Multiple talk show guests are available. Book and radio show “Your Daily High” appear in the movie. The Movie will have an by invitation only Hollywood showing on May 04 as well as a limited national showing on Father Day and a planned But this of the year. full release this fall”