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“Last year the musical played in 10 American cities and I am thrilled to provide free downloads of the 30 songs featured in the musical” announced Ms. Javitch. “Like millions of people in the world, I was devastated when Princess Diana died.  Writing this musical has been a way of paying homage to Diana’s life and sharing her message of hope and compassion with new generations. It is an incredible story which is fascinating to bring to life and to relive”.


The musical was first written in (add year) and was featured in Minneapolis ( add others) leading up to last years performances.


The music can be found on


Karen Sokolof Javitch wrote the music and lyrics and Elaine Jabenis co-authored the book with Karen.  “The touching story journeys in song with “The People’s Princess” on her trials and tribulations of being an unknown 17-year old to the most famous woman in the world.   With over 25 original songs, Princess Diana, the Musical captures the grace, charm, compassion and style that was Diana.” We are so excited to partner with GLTG as part of the 11 city American tribute” Javitch added.


Jill Zeszut, who playedPrincess Diana in the Chadron, Ohio production is part of an exceptional cast of 16 local talented actors and actresses.  She adds, “I was excited to portray such an iconic and influential person.  As a child I was always fascinated by her, so it was an honor to bring her to the stage and to share her story.”


“Audience reviews and ticket sales exceeded our expectations,” Javitch exclaimed. “Some theatersadded adding dates because of the high demand to see the show.”


JMR Productions has produced 18 CD’s covering  Love and Marriage ( same sex and Traditional), kids, educational, teen experiences and in case things do not work out a Divorce CD.  Karen’s 3 musicals have been featured around the country in schools and theatres, her music has been in 3 TV shows and 2 movies as well. Through her music she has raised over $350,000 for various charities.